Fred G. Holt Accused of Plowing Down Cyclist in a Fit of Road Rage

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Fred G. Holt, a San Francisco driver, is behind bars after he allegedly hit a cyclist in the city's Mission District.

According to Sgt. Danielle Newman, the incident happened on Nov. 12 just before 5:30 p.m.; a driver in a 2002 gold-colored Toyota Corolla appeared to be pulling out of a parking spot at Valencia and 18th streets and made a quick U-turn, almost hitting a cyclist.

The bicyclist and the driver then got into a verbal altercation, which prompted a second bicyclist who saw the incident call the driver a not-so-nice name. When the driver heard this, he quickly made another U-turn and was now traveling south on Valencia Street.

Perhaps fearing that things had gotten out of hand, the second cyclists started to pedal toward the curb. That's when the cyclist felt the car hit his rear back tire, forcing the bike over the curb and causing the cyclist to slightly fall from the bike, Newman said.

The driver then took off, heading south on Valencia and then turned west onto 18th Street. An off-duty cop saw this go down and stopped both the driver and the cyclist; they were instructed to wait there until a uniform cop showed up.

Both witnesses and the victims identified the driver, who was arrested and booked into San Francisco County Jail. Police identified Holt as the suspect. He's been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The good news is that the cyclist was not injured.

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It wasn't that he hit the cyclist, it was that he made a U-turn to deliberately hit the cyclist. If the defense tries to exclude cyclists then the prosecution should exclude drivers from the jury.


ha ha - how do you "slightly fall"?


Certainly not all cyclist are known for their bad riding habits, disobeying traffic laws and shouting obscenities but many are rude.

Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker

aggravated assault with a deadly weapon sounds exactly right.

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