Elmo to Visit Bay Area Prisons

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This Elmo is an experienced jailbird
This week, the red, cheerful, lovable and ticklish Elmo will head down to Bay Area prisons to help incarcerated parents and their kids better deal with the sad reality that mom and dad are behind bars.

And who better to dish out advice on this than a young Elmo, whose doppelgänger is currently serving time in New York State Prison for attempting to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts?

Coincidentally -- or not? -- Sesame Street decided itcould no longer ignore children who have a parent in prison, and earlier this year introduced "Alex," a Sesame Street Muppet whose father is incarcerated.

The somewhat controversial Muppet is part of Sesame Street's "little children, big challenges" program, which is making its rounds in the Bay Area this week. Elmo will stop by Santa Rita Jail in Dublin today and San Quentin tomorrow where he'll coach incarcerated parents on how to help their kids deal with the stress.

While he's there, Elmo plans to show a video presentation to formally introduce Alex to inmates. For those of you who aren't in prison and who haven't seen Sesame Street since 1980, meet Alex:

Also: Mr. Snuffleupagus is real and Mr. Hooper is dead.

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That's what he gets for having sex with those teenage boys.

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