Drunk Dude Allegedly Moons Commuters, Shows The World How He Really Feels About Traffic

Unhappy Hour
Endless traffic can bring out the worst in us -- and so can excessive boozing. Combine the two and you get this dude, who decided to drop trou along a busy Bay Area highway during rush hour after one too many cocktails.

According to the Mercury News, police arrested 30-year-old Richard Blankenship after he allegedly mooned passing motorists along Highway 84 in Fremont last night.

Nobody was (physically) injured during the flashing.

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Here's what happened: Commuters were going about their miserable business at about 6:56 p.m. when an allegedly drunken dude appeared on the median at Mowry Avenue and Peralta Boulevard and started showing his bare ass to drivers passing by.

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Tired of seeing his junk, a motorists dialed 911 to report the offense. Then a second driver called the cops to report a semi-naked drunk guy running in and out of traffic, yelling "strange things."

When the cops arrived, they found Blankenship and arrested him on suspicion of being drunk in public. He was taken to a Fremont jail where he "slept off" his state of mind.

No word on whether he's feeling embarrassed, hungover -- or both this morning.

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Officer : what's your nameĀ 

Offender : Dick [blanken]ship

Officer : what did you say

Offender : [blanken]ship head

Officer : so thats your name then sonĀ 

Offender : yes

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