Check Out This Cool View of the Golden Gate Bridge From 2,000 Feet Above

It's Friday but you're not done yet. There's still a few hours -- and a lot of work to be done -- before you can crack that beer open, slouch in your favorite chair, and say "who cares?"

And while we're still waiting for the BART ballots to be counted today, we figured we'd pass some time by showing you these stellar aerial shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. There's a video, too, but make sure to turn your volume all the way up.

According to the YouTube user crfdln:

This aerial video footage was taken with a GoPro camera mounted on the left wingtip of a Piper Saratoga. The plane flew between 2,000' and 2,500' MSL during the shoot in early October, 2013.

Now get back to work.

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aliasetc topcommenter

Great photos

Thomas Draudt
Thomas Draudt

Right. That's what things look like from the air. It's really exciting.

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