Michael Aragon, Accused Candy Bandit, Continues Legal Odyssey

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Michael Aragon's saga continues
When you think of South San Francisco, you think of candy.

After all, the See's Candies plant is right there on El Camino Real. This is the home of the "Happy Habit."

The saga continues, however, for alleged South City candy thief Michael Aragon, a 30-year-old man of less happy habits. He was recently held to answer on second-degree robbery and drug possession charges stemming from a truly bizarre incident involving candy, taquitos, a toy gun, more taquitos, and methamphetamine in his rear end.

Aragon's story -- at least this one -- began in the wee hours of Feb. 2 at a 7-11 on El Camino Real.

Physically, it wasn't far from the See's plant. Metaphysically, it was a long ways indeed.   

Aragon purportedly bought and paid for a few taquitos at around 3:30 a.m. and left the store. So far, so good. He then allegedly returned to the store, and crammed candy down the front of his pants.

When confronted by a clerk, Aragon is accused of pulling up his shirt to reveal a gun, and claiming to have no money. That turned out to be a toy gun. Also, before police could arrive, Aragon bought more taquitos -- yes, bought them -- before leisurely departing via his automobile.

Police soon tracked Aragon down. During his booking, they allegedly discovered a concealed baggie of methamphetamine in his rectum.

In July, he was found competent to stand trial. His next court date will be Dec. 3. He remains in custody on half a million dollars bail -- which, sadly, represents a lot of candy. And taquitos.

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How did they know to look up his butt for meth? Oh... It's METH, nevermind...;)

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