Batkid Gets His Own Batkid Rises Movie Trailer

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It's about time! It's been a whole week since 5-year-old Miles Scott imbued the nation with pure joy when he donned his little batkid gear and saved the city of San Francisco, aka Gotham City, right before our very eyes.

It was a stellar day for both Miles and San Francisco; thousands of people turned out to cheer on the Leukemia survivor as he fulfilled his wish to be Batkid for a day, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

But now that animated day -- where Batkid saved Lou Seal, a damsel in distress on a trolley car, and arrested The Riddler -- comes equip with its own movie trailer, riffing off the Dark Knight Rises.

Who knows, Miles just might be the next Christian Bale.

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So, the generation that was raised on Self Esteem, just show up and you're all winners, has a "hero" who merely showed up, put on a costume,  pranced around for the cameras, and pretended to be a cartoon character.  Hardly a hero.  Being pimped by politicians and a profiteering "charity" during times of such hardship, kinda makes you wonder about Americans and why they are so gullible and how they can be so brainwashed by such simple tactics.  Brandishing a child for approval does work, always has. 

Tim Gray
Tim Gray

OK ...enough already... we had our day with that fun, now it is time to move along.

Jon Krop
Jon Krop

Looks like SF Chron pulled it

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