BART Trains Not Running This Morning (Update)

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Update 7:30 a.m.: BART service just resumed, but expect nasty delays all morning.

Original story 7 a.m.: BART trains aren't just late this morning -- they're not running.

And, no, there's not a strike.

According to the transit agency, trains came to a halt this morning due to some technical issues. BART is advising everyone to find other ways to work until the problem is fixed.

"BART is experiencing major systemwide delays because of a technical problem. It began shortly after midnight and affected 19 trains with about 500 to 1000 passengers on board," Jim Allison, BART spokesman, said around 2 a.m., as the last of the evening's passenger service was ending. There has been no service this morning from the usual time around 4 a.m. when it would have begun.

"We're not going to have service until further notice so we are advising our customers to seek alternate transportation at this time," Allison said.

Alternate transportation information is available at

We'll keep you posted on this breaking story.

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Nico Bruno
Nico Bruno

I know I was there in a train till 2:30 am

Joshua Porter
Joshua Porter

Who needs a strike, our trains don't work anyway! An absolutely useless organization that doesn't deserve a dime extra of our tax dollars.

David Adams
David Adams

This was "Breaking" 7 hours ago. What is "breaking" is that 50% of the trains are now up and running.

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