Have You Seen This Anti-Atheist Billboard in Fisherman's Wharf?

If not, we can only assume that you've not had any visitors in town as of late or you're really good at filtering out religious propaganda. Knowing life in San Francisco, we're going safely assume it's choice B.

But because we're journalists, our job is to alert you to the truth, no matter how disturbing it might be. So here goes: Ken Ham has infiltrated San Francisco. Yep. The popular Evangelist leader and CEO of Answers Outreach, who is best known for his nonstop preaching of Creationism, has decided to plaster lefty cities like San Francisco and New York with the following message:

Answers Outreach

The billboards went up last month, and the group responsible, Answers outreach, explains why:

Well, one reason is that we have noticed in recent times many atheists have become much more aggressive in promoting their religion. However, they have not just been promoting atheism, but in many ways they have attacked and denigrated Christianity--including through billboard campaigns. For instance, billboards like these have appeared in various places:Here's proof of the one in San Francisco:

Answers Outreach
It's over there to the left, you see?

So now you've seen it, thanks to the "liberal media."

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Thank God, not all liberals are atheist nor all conservatives Christian

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