From the Anals of History: Kiddies' Impromptu Anatomy Lesson

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Eventually, someone was going to do this
Former President George W. Bush was, when you think about it, quite correct when he stated "rarely is the question asked, 'Is our children learning?'"

If only he knew what our children is learning in an area school.

This photo and explanation come via a teacher who saw, with his own eyes, the results of a game in which letters are tossed, randomly, onto the classroom floor:

So, in the little-kids classroom at school, they play all sorts of games. One of the games involves taking little mats with letters on them and building a path on the floor. Yesterday, one of the little-kid teachers came to my room and said, "You of all people need to see this."

She led me into the room, pointed at the ground, and said "I knew this day would come."

Not exactly material befitting the head of the class, so to speak.
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