Hey Vegans, Adopt This Stray Turkey

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Update: Great news! Lincoln, the stray turkey has been adopted -- and just in time to stuff his beak with Thanksgiving grub. According to the SPCA, his new home is the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, located in the Central Valley.

Original Story 3:01 p.m. Alright happy vegans, here's your chance to prove that you really do care about every single animal, especially those prone to being devoured by the carnivorous kind.

There's a stray turkey who could really use a home, specifically your veggie-friendly home. The Peninsula Humane Society has been housing a domestic turkey since Nov. 18 when someone dumped it at the animal shelter.

"It's not a good week for stray turkeys," said Scott Delucchi, spokesman for the SPCA. "Fortunately, this one has been in good hands. No one here has been eying him for anything but a pet."

The staff has grown quite fond of the bird, which they named "Lincoln" after President Abraham Lincoln who declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

While he's not all that intelligent (the bird, not the former president), Lincoln sure is friendly, healthy and damn good looking. He's looking for a home where there's dirt, fences, and some kind of shelter to protect him from the outdoor elements.

Lincoln and his best friend
A little more background on Lincoln: The bird recently forged a special friendship with a stray goat at the shelter, however, the goat was adopted Sunday so as of now, Lincoln has nobody to spend Thanksgiving with.

Ans that's where you come in.

If you are interested in making this little guys Thanksgiving wish come true, head down to the SPCA facility at 12 Airport Blvd. between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. or call (650) 685-8510 to make sure he's still available before making a trip.

The adoption fee is $25.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Rita Wunuvakind Mason
Rita Wunuvakind Mason

I got a home 4 him.. In my belly.. Heeere turkey turkey turkey! Gobble gobble!... Jk.. I prefer ham..

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