"Vagina Monologues" Quip From Mayor Ed Lee Jolts David Chiu's Wedding Guests

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A rather ribald story it is!
Whatever job Mayor Ed Lee has lined up after his time in City Hall's Room 200 grinds to a halt, it likely won't involve public speaking.

San Francisco's incredibly lifelike mayor has a tendency to say odd things when the words aren't written down -- as some 300 or more guests at Supervisor David Chiu's Friday wedding reception can attest to.

In an event at 1 Ferry Plaza, the mayor left the crowd dumbfounded when he quipped that Chiu, now a married man, "won't have to participate in 'The Vagina Dialogues'" anymore.

This was confusing and awkward on so many levels. First of all, the play Lee is referencing is called The Vagina Monologues.

Lee was making an inside joke here -- but only around three people in the entire room got it.

And it wasn't all that funny.

Also: Lee brought up vaginas at a wedding reception.

Well, there's a reason for that. Albeit not a judicious one.

The day before the Friday reception, Chiu had appeared at a fund-raiser for the Filipina Women's Network. This group's signature event is a Vagina Monologues performance, and Chiu had noted that you're not really a part of the Filipina Women's Network until you attend one of these performances.

This quip apparently induced a good and appreciative response on Thursday. Chiu knew his audience. It was the right quip at the right time.

One day later, however, wasn't. Lee didn't get the response he'd been hoping for. In retrospect, he told a joke relating to an event that only three or so people attended -- in a room of hundreds of people. He blurted out the word "vagina." And he muffed the title of the play.

"It was just so ham-handed," said one guest. Lee's saving grace was his own incoherence: "I'm not sure many people heard what he said accurately."

Chiu, we are told, laughed at the mayor's joke. He's got a sense of humor, that one.

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Empty headed grinning mustache puppet said what?


Lee is not only a jerk, as njudah attests, he's the worst public speaker I've ever seen.

Michelle Myers
Michelle Myers

I am so happy someone caught this. I was wishing I had it on film. Awkward. Not to embarass the lovely bride, but I hope the vigina dialogues are not ending for the happy couple.

njudah topcommenter

I can't believe this asshole is not only mayor, but will iikely get re elected too. He's such a piece of shit.

when I flipped him off at the bar the other day when he and Gruesome Newsom were pimping 8 Washington, I actually got some applause. He's a shithead in the purest way.

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