Those Bitchy-Looking Pumpkins in Bernal Heights Are Back

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Badass Bernalwood Press
Mean Girls

In theory, Halloween brings out the worst in us -- the creepy, the gross, and the shocking side we try to disguise every other day of the year. It also brings out the bitch in us, which is hands-down much more unpleasant than any witch on stick.

Thanks to the scribes at Bernalwood, those of us who don't live in Bernal Heights -- or San Francisco for that matter -- can still gaze into the eyes of these bitchy gourds that make a cameo along Gladys Street every Halloween.

The pumpkins are meant to make you feel like you don't really belong, with those sourpuss expressions and spiteful glow.

"Neighbor John" explains the work of art to the Bernalwood blog:

For the past few Halloweens, a few of us on Gladys Street have been collaborating, carving upwards of 20 pumpkins in and afternoon and then creating the "Grisly Picket Fence of Death" to display 'em."

And they're not any more neighborly in the daylight hours:

Badass Bernalwood Press

Don't take it personally, they're like that to everyone.

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