Lesbians Hold Hands Better Than Straight People, Study Says

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If you've been wondering what your hand-holding tendencies say about the amount of power and dominance you have in your relationship, a new study published in the Journal of Homosexuality is advising us to get a grip -- especially if you're a straight woman.

The study examined factors of hand holding behaviors in lesbian relationships to determine if  they were more egalitarian than in hetero relationships, where men often have the upper hand -- literally. Usually, this is because men are taller, which makes sense from an ergonomic standpoint, but even when height isn't a factor, women tend to take the submissive hand-holding role, resulting in subtle power plays and probably much subconscious gloating at winning the thumb war game you didn't know you were playing.

Researchers asked 340 women in same-sex relationships across the U.S. to fill out an online survey on the topic at hand. Participants were asked to take their partner's hand in whatever way seemed "most natural and comfortable." They were then questioned on "age, height in comparison to their partner's height, handedness, duration of their relationship, length of time living with that partner, their income, the country and state/province in which they lived, if they had previously been partnered with a male, and whom they felt had the most 'say' in decision-making."

Of all the factors examined, the two that made a difference were height and whether they dated men in the past. The taller person, once again, tended to have the dominant hand positioning. And the partner who'd dated men tended to have the submissive hand. But on the whole: "Our results suggest that hand holding position does not reflect a dominance or power differential between partners, at least within a female-female relationship," the researchers explained

This study goes hand in hand with past research about ways gay couples are doin' it right. Of course, hand-holding positioning probably falls relatively low on your list of relationship grievances, somewhere around "keeps ripping the compost bags" and "isn't the first to like my Facebook selfies." But, it's interesting to note the subtle imbalances and gender role assumptions at work in even our most basic forms of affection. 

And when it comes to power equilibrium in lesbian relationships, you're in good hands.

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Andrew K.
Andrew K.

Why... is it a picture of a cat, in a cage... are Lesbians Caged Kittens? Anna?

Paul Varga
Paul Varga

But WHY do lovey dovey couples (straight or gay) have to move so slowly on the sidewalk? Yes, we get it. You're in love. GET IT IN SECOND GEAR!

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