Steve Jobs' Childhood Home Is Officially Declared Historic Site

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A world-changing home
The single-story ranch house where the late Steve Jobs grew up -- and his ingenuity was fed and fostered -- has been deemed a historic site in California.

According to NBC News, the Los Altos Historical Commission unanimously granted protected status for the home where Jobs moved with his foster parents in 1968. The Commission pointed out that this home -- which has long been a tourist trap -- is pretty damn significant, considering it's where Jobs and his buddy Steve Wozniak crafted the very first 50 Apple 1 computers in 1976, effectively changing the world.

For those of you who were too young to remember, the partnership, dubbed "Apple Computer Co." was established right there in his Crist Drive garage before the company boomed and moved to its headquarters in Cupertino.

The whole point of this status is keep developers from getting their hands on it and to freeze that moment in time -- or at least the vintage home decor and design. By establishing the home historic, the commission said it's preserving the house just as it looked in the '70s when a young Jobs was doing all his technical tinkering.

Tourists drive by weekly snapping photos and gawking, which is probably no fun for Jobs' stepmother, Marilyn Jobs, who reportedly still lives in the home.

We're just glad to know some things won't ever change.

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If California had its priorities straight, it would recognize Steve Job's foster parents, not the house.

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