Sons of Anarchy Actor Busted for Allegedly Skipping Bar Tab (Update)

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Update, 3:43 p.m.: We've appended the bartender's testimony below.

Paul Vasquez
If actor Paul Vasquez is guilty of anything, it's entitlement. That's what allegedly caused the 43 year-old B-list celebrity to ditch a $56 drink tab at a downtown San Jose watering hole on Monday night, provoking bar staff to call the cops.

Christos Louvis, who manages The Dive Bar on East Santa Clara Street, where the whole dustup took place, says neither he nor any of the other staff recognized Vasquez. They were rather flummoxed when the mustachioed stranger walked in, proclaimed himself famous, and tried to prove it by Google image-searching himself on a cell phone.

"Most of us didn't know him until he got us to do a search on," Louvis says, adding that he's actually a fan of Sons of Anarchy. But apparently it only took a few moments to pull up Vasquez' dossier, which was enough justification for customers to start taking pictures, and for Vasquez to magnanimously -- and theatrically -- buy rounds for the whole bar. Hence the $56 tab, which evidently wasn't hard to amass.

But Vasquez soured after two of his credit cards were declined, Louvis says. Though bar staff offered to take something as collateral and let him pay the following day, he declined, blamed the staff, and left in a huff. Two customers followed him down the street and into another bar, where he started yet another tab. That's when someone called the police, Louvis says.

San Jose police spokesman Albert Morales says law enforcement arrived around 8:30 p.m. and detained Vasquez until his dad arrived to pay the bill for him. They didn't bother to write a police report, though wire stories about a beleaguered Sons of Anarchy actor sitting handcuffed on a curb, in a front of a dive bar that Yelp reviewers have compared to "a mullet," hit the blogosphere shortly thereafter. Louis says he saw several customers snapping photos and texting them -- presumably -- to

If a bit part in an FX drama series had failed to boost his Google ranking, it certainly shot up after this dust-up.

That might be a dubious silver lining for Vasquez. But he can take solace in being widely recognized in his hometown of San Jose, even for less-than-flattering reasons. Also, his father obviously loves him.

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Brianna Sylvers
Brianna Sylvers

I would call that moe out! You cannot dis your service! PERIOD

Siobhan Morrow
Siobhan Morrow

this poor guy must be so embarrassed. he is on blast 24/7 right now

Gresham Hendee
Gresham Hendee

Yeah... What, was he on the prison yard, in a large group... I don't recognize him at all.

Sean Prudden
Sean Prudden

I don't even recognize this clown from SOA, more like a Z list celebrity.

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