San Francisco SPCA Offering Pet Condoms to Sex-Addicted Dogs and Cats

Up Next: Pet Abstinence
We got you to click didn't we?

That's exactly what the SPCA is hoping will happen by advertising pet condoms on its website. Appropriately dubbed "Animal Instinct," the new pet condom is about as real as that dog who drove through the streets of San Francisco.

But the campaign is for real. In its latest effort to call attention to the need for pet owners to spay and neuter their horny dogs and cats, the SPCA launched a new website which advertises pet condoms, encouraging owners to "put it on before they get it on."

But once you click on the many services the new site offers, including advice on how to deal with a cat who is on the prowl (for sex), the joke is up, and a pop-up is displayed that reads the following:

"C'mon. There's only one real fix. Spay or Neuter Your Pet. Make An Appointment Now (415) 554-3030."

Here's a little more about the zany campaign.

Krista Maloney, spokeswoman for the SPCA, says the campaign started in late September when SPCA staff went to Dolores Park and handed out the faux condoms to pet parents which contained, not rubbers, but information about spay and neutering.

We're still awaiting comment from the Catholic Church.

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Only in San Francisco! STUPID! What's next birth control for pets!

Lauren Guttentag
Lauren Guttentag

If you read the article they explain that the pet condoms is an advertising stunt to educate people about spaying and neutering. The Bay Area had so many free and low cost ways to S/N there is no excuse!

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