Oakland Ready for Protests Marking Anniversary of Occupy Raid

Memories ...
Two years ago today, police raided the Occupy camp in downtown Oakland, sparking massive protests, chaos, and violence. The city made national news, showing the rest of the nation how not to handle things.

So it seems only natural to celebrate this birthday with yet another protest. The city fired off a letter to residents last night, warning them that downtown will be chock-full of angry people, rallying their hearts out.

Here's a snippet from the letter:

The City is aware of several demonstrations and activities planned in and around Frank Ogawa Plaza and the Oakland Marriott tomorrow.

Keeping peace on our streets and protecting the safety of Oakland residents and businesses is our top priority. Although we don't anticipate problems to occur, in the event that the demonstrations become unlawful, the Oakland Police Department is prepared to swiftly address any criminal behavior that would damage property or jeopardize the safety of the public or police officers. Individuals engaging in such behavior are subject to arrest and prosecution.

We provide this information to raise awareness about these events, not to alarm, so that you may plan ahead. Feel free to share this information with your employees, neighbors and tenants.

Oakland is anticipating some pickets at the Oakland Marriott Hotel starting at 9 a.m. That's where police and firefighters will be gathered for a training exercise for first responders in the event of a major emergency.

And then at 6 p.m., the demonstrators will march to Frank Ogawa Plaza, aka Oscar Grant plaza, where there will be "other activities."

Yes, traffic will be a pain.

Here's the full letter -- To everyone, love Oakland:


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To be clear, it was the police that engaged in violence against Oakland citizens. during and in the months after the raid. Real physical violence. 

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