No BART Strike Today, But No Labor Deal Either

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Once again, BART's unions have put off a strike today, saying that they will continue hashing out their differences with management until a labor contract is signed.

Despite promises of a BART strike, the unions, working with a federal mediator, noted that enough progress has been made over the last few days that they're willing to bargain -- not strike -- for another day.

Roxanne Sanchez, president of BART's largest union, SEIU Local 1021, released the following statement to the press:

We truly understand the riders' frustration, because we share the same frustration that we've not yet reached an agreement. But we are encouraged by the progress we've achieved, and at the request of the federal mediators, we will continue to bargain. We are prepared to bargain for another day to reach an agreement. There will be no disruption in service on Wednesday.

BART and its unions talked all day Tiesday and well into the morning until about 1 a.m. today when both sides took a break, presumably to eat and sleep. Talks will resume again today at 10 a.m.

Neither side would elaborate on the details of the negotiations, however, according to the Chron, BART's
"take-it-or-leave-it" offer was still on the table, which included a 12 percent raise over four years. Unhappy with that proposal, the unions came back with their own plan yesterday, which is apparently what started the latest "progress" at the table.

So there you have it: Now there's no excuse for you to be grumpy or late to work, because the trains will be still rolling all day.

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