Lynne Spalding: Police Seeking Man Who Saw Body in Stairwell at Hospital

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Lynne Spalding's body was found in a stairwell at San Francisco General Hospital
San Francisco police could really use your help in trying to track down the man who reported seeing someone in the stairwell at the hospital days before Lynne Spalding's body was found there.

Police issued a bulletin this week, saying that a man had reported to hospital staff that he'd seen someone laying in the stairwell four days before Spalding's body was found there. The man, who police believe is an employee, disappeared before anyone could question him and has not come forward to date.

The supervisor reportedly checked the stairwell, but claims he saw no one, a hospital official told the Spalding family's attorney last week.

Inspector Dan Cunningham, a homicide investigator with SFPD, said the wanted tipster may have been wearing a UCSF name tag. "The information we have is a little confusing," he told the Chron. "We believe he did work for the hospital, possibly as a resident. There are people who go all over the place."

According to the Chron, the hospital had asked sheriff's deputies four different times to comb the hospital for Spalding who mysteriously disappeared from her hospital room on September 21. Spalding, 57, had checked into the hospital on Sept. 19 to be treated for an infection. Staff had been checking on her every 15 minutes until she disappeared. She was missing for almost three weeks when a building engineer found her body in the stairwell at the hospital on Oct. 8 while inspecting a locked stairwell.

Anyone with information about this man is asked to call police immediately at 575-4444.


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Amy Parkko
Amy Parkko

Why the hell didn't the man say anything? You just walk away from a body in the stairwell??? What if she was still alive then?

Nancy Queenofsheba Endy
Nancy Queenofsheba Endy

It sounds like SF General was really lax in searching for her. If, in fact they were checking on her every fifteen minutes, this could not have happened. She could not have gone very far in fifteen minutes, and if SFGH had initiated a comprehensive search immediately she would probably have been located. Perhaps they should start putting tracking chips in the wristbands that people wear when they are admitted.

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