It's Official: Bikes Are Allowed on BART During Rush Hour

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Finally, some good news from BART.

Well, good news if you're a cyclist.

This afternoon, BART went ahead and permanently lifted its ban on bikes during rush hour, which means you can go ahead and start ignoring those dirty looks you get as you tow your two-wheeler onto the train during peak hours.

The new rules go into effect on Dec. 1.

Of course, there are some rules that cyclists will still need to follow, such as:

  • no bikes allowed in the first train car at any time;
  • bikes are never allowed on crowded trains;
  • bicyclists must yield priority seating to seniors and those with disabilities;
  • bikes still can't block doorways or aisles and are not allowed on escalators.

"Concurrent with our pilots we implemented bike supporting measures as well," said BART Board President Tom Radoluvich. "We reconfigured cars to allow for more space for riders with luggage, wheelchairs, strollers or bikes; launched our new bike etiquette campaign to encourage safe and courteous practices; and we continue to expand secure bike parking at our stations to help minimize the need to bring bikes on board, such as the 375 bike racks recently added in the paid area at seven stations."

The ban was lifted after BART ran three pilot programs, allowing bikes on BART during rush hour. All three times, the program was a success, with 76 percent of riders in favor of lifting the BART ban on bikes. That number increased to 79 percent present day, according to BART.

Now if only cyclists could win over San Francisco drivers with that same enthusiasm.

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Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson

Not sure what data they gathered during their "pilot" of this idea but there is no way it could have been conclusive that bikes are not annoying on packed trains...

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