Hold Onto Your Hats: High Winds Blowing Through the Bay Area

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Hold on to your Totos today
Upon waking up this morning, you probably noticed that not only is it getting darker and harder to get out of bed, but your yard (aka that patch of grass in the front) looked unusually disheveled.

If you're a good sleeper you might have missed the loud and "dangerous" high winds that swept the Bay Area last night -- and will continue blowing throughout today. In San Francisco, trees and power lines were knocked to the ground, as well as a two-story scaffolding at 20th and Deharo streets.

According to ABC News, commuters should be careful around the area of Masonic and Fell streets where a huge tree blew over, blocking three of the four lanes of traffic this morning. Clean-up crews are out there as we type chopping up the 50-foot long tree.

The same problem is happening over in the East Bay where large trees have also been reported down in Diablo and in Oakland at Skyline and Redwood Road, near Highway 13.

Also, you might have noticed the smell of smoke on your way to work. That'd be the wind blowing the smoked from the wildfire in Lake Berryessa -- 80 miles away from San Francisco. The fire has reportedly burned 375 acres as of this morning.

In any event, this tempest won't be letting up anytime today so expect more downed trees and funky hairdos as the wind produces gusts up to 50 mph, the news station reports.

Oh, and please send us photos of any fantastic wind-blown hairdos you spot around town.

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