Great: Now AC Transit Issues Strike Notice

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Hopefully, your alternate commute plans in case of a BART strike don't entail taking the bus. If you weren't feeling anxious enough, the workers over AC Transit -- the bus drivers who are supposed to cart you around during a BART strike -- issued a 72-hour strike notice, claiming they're prepared to walk off the job come Thursday.

At least the ferries will be running, even if you can't actually get to them.

The distressing news came this afternoon when the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 192 demanded the transit agency return to the bargaining table and make them happy. According to CBS News, the unions rejected two different contract proposals that union leaders had agreed to, with the latest proposal calling for higher pay increases and lower health care contributions.

But workers rejected the plan, saying they were sick and tired of the never ending cutbacks.

"Just as homeowners are underwater on a mortgage, AC Transit employees are feeling underwater after this recession," Yvonne Williams, president of ATU Local 192, told CBS News. "Our negotiating committee worked very hard to achieve this agreement with strong community support. We are very appreciative of that support. We will meet to determine next steps shortly."

The strike notice comes just seven hours before BART workers are to decide whether to go on strike themselves. After nearly six months of negotiations -- and one four-day strike -- BART and its unions remain $16 million apart.

Last night BART put a final take-it-or-leave-it proposal on the table which included three percent raises for four years. Community leaders and politicians are calling on BART to withdraw the proposal and continue negotiating, as the unions have made it clear this latest plan isn't going to fly.

The deadline for a BART deal expires tonight at 11:59 p.m.

Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted on this miserable story.

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Hella Gay
Hella Gay

I hope AC Transit and BART go on strike at the same time, so hopefully it'll show everyone how important those workers are to the Bay Area.

Dallas DeBurger
Dallas DeBurger

Coordinated effort by the greedy unions to wield power and bring people to their knees.

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