Female Prisoner Houdinied Her Way Out of Handcuffs, Walks Out of Police Station

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Mystifying the cops
Police are trying to figure out how the hell they lost track of a 20-year-old female prisoner who wiggled her way out of her handcuffs and casually walked out of the Police Department over the weekend.

The bizarre incident happened at about 5:40 p.m. on Sunday when the suspect was brought into the Northern Police Station for questioning about a car burglary. However, the suspect, later identified as Sonya Espinoza, lied to the cops about her identity and then declined to be interviewed. After the cops learned her real name, they also learned she had a no-bail warrant and was on probation.

Police handcuffed her and seated her on a bench nearby.

But, according to Shyy, sometime around 7:40 p.m. Espinoza went missing. The prisoner-turned-escape artist had used a metal shim to set herself free. Unrestrained, the suspect stood up and walked out of the east door of the police station to Fillmore Street.

Police combed the station looking for Espinoza but didn't find her.

Her elbow room didn't last long; police finally tracked her down the following day on the 200 block of Van Ness where she was arrested on suspicion of escaping from custody. She was hauled back to jail -- and this time, the handcuffs stayed on.

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