Even San Francisco Cops Get Parking Tickets

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And here we thought we'd never feel better than the time we witnessed a tow truck get a parking ticket.

Until now.

We came across this gem of a Twitter pic today that shows what twitter user @HurlyMcDingus says is in fact a parking ticket on a police patrol car illegally parked in Bernal Heights.


via Twiiter/@HurlyMcDingus
There's hope in the world!

We had no idea that cops could get tickets of any kind, so we emailed the SFPD media team to give them a heads up about the apparent defector within the Department of Parking and Traffic.

It's certainly not the first time a cop did something illegal, but it might be one of the first times a cop got a ticket and we got a photo.

Update 1:56 p.m.: Officer Albie Esparza emailed us back and said the parking ticket is "probably not real." "They do not cite marked units," he noted. "Officers are out on patrol. They need to park where they can access their vehicles in case of an emergency response."

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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While I was a MC messenger I saw cop cars parked illegally all of the time.  In front of the uniform store on 8th there was always a car there, even during rush hour when it was a tow away lane.  I used to stand by at Kearny and Market and there was always a cop car parked there in the tow away lane at rush hour.  I always would put my parking tickets on the car on Kearny.

Jesse Osorio
Jesse Osorio

yet the city pays for it means we still get fucked

Garon Cummings
Garon Cummings

until they have their cop or judge buddy cancel the ticket


And there's no chance that someone put their ticket on the police car right??

Robert Evans
Robert Evans

Maybe if cops had to abide by the same laws of normal citizens, they'd stop parking, speeding, abusing their "power" as a law enforcement agent. A cop without their lights on should not be able to park where ever because they are "on duty". Bunch of BS if you tell me!

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