Driver Hits Pedestrian, Leaves the Scene

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An unidentified person is clinging to life this morning after being hit by a driver in a white van who then left the crime scene in the city's Richmond District.

According to Officer Gordon Shyy, the motorist was driving at California Street and Eighth Avenue at about 3:15 a.m. when she hit a pedestrian walking in the area.

The driver sped off, leaving the victim on the ground.

When police arrived, they found the victim who was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening head injury. Police also found the suspect, who was only identified as a 59-year-old woman, with another occupant in the white van.

The suspect was taken to Richmond Station where charges are pending, Shyy said.

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johnny137 topcommenter

I've gotta ask... WTF is grandma doing out walking around at 3:15am in the morning?!?!


What the hell? Have we turned into a society of heartless cowards? It seems as though no one takes responsibility for their actions anymore. It seems like hit and run accidents have increased over the years. Instead of caring about whether or not a person has been killed or injured, or caring about getting them emergency medical help to save their lives, people are more apt to drive away in an attempt to escape responsibility for what they've done. What complete and shameful cowards! If you are the guilty driver in a hit and run, know that everyone will be looking for you, and you will be caught eventually. Then your punishment will be much, much worse and you will deserve every bit of it, if not more so. 

Jaime James
Jaime James

My friend Monique Sheree Porsandeh was critically injured in the Marina Dist. last Feb after a hit-and-run (coma, traumatic brain injury, complex bone fractures; leg, pelvis, collar bone and 3 vertebrae). It took over 6 months of extensive rehabilitation physical therapy (5-6 hrs a day, 5 days a week) before she was able to walk again... and nearly $170,000 in exorbitant medical bills (and that's WITH medical insurance). This heinous crime needs to stop.


@johnny137 The article doesn't mention the age or gender of the pedestrian so I'm not sure why you think it was someone's grandma walking around at 3:15 am? 

The article does state that the driver of the hit and run was a 59 year old woman who had a passenger with her. Did you mean to ask what an older woman was doing driving around at that time of morning? If that was your question, I'm not sure why her gender would have anything to do with it? 

It's 3:00 am in the morning, it's probably dark or not well lit, and she may have been drowsy, distracted, or under the influence. That probably has more to do with it than whether or not she's an older woman.

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