BART: Tom Hock, Negotiator and Union Antichrist, Slated to Hit Disneyland

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No food on the train, please
Searching for silver linings from BART's beyond-ridiculous, beyond-marathon contract melodrama feels a bit like shoveling through a pile of horse manure in hopes of unearthing that elusive horse.

But there is this: Late last night, the SEIU 1021union began chirping that BART's well-compensated and ethically questionable chief negotiator, Tom Hock, wasn't in the building. In fact, he's slated to be in the Happiest Place on Earth, which is far from BART headquarters both physically and metaphysically.

Yes, Hock is scheduled to be a featured speaker at Disneyland's 2013 California Transit Association Fall Conference. He is, at this very moment, supposedly delivering a speech with the legitimately ironic title "The Art of Negotiating the Deal."

The BART proceedings thus far have featured very little in the way of art, negotiating, or a deal. Perhaps Hock will have better luck breaking the Disney monorail union.

Calls to BART spokespeople Alicia Trost and Jim Allison have not yet been returned.

Hock, who is being compensated up to $399,000 to take up BART management's standard, is the vice president of transportation for Veiola Transportation Services of Cincinnati. Veiola is listed as one of the principal sponsors of today's Disneyland conference, responsible for its "keynote presentation."

Despite BART management's "last, best, and final offer," and despite an ostensible midnight strike deadline, the warring parties negotiate still. A federal mediator sounded a note of cautious optimism, stating both sides were progressing. A second crippling rail strike may yet be averted.

We can only wish upon a star.

Update, 1:10 p.m.: BART spokesman Rick Rice said he "believed" Hock was in Disneyland. But that's alright, as "His presence isn't necessary" at this point.

The new strike deadline, incidentally, is 11:59 p.m. tonight. Well, hakuna matada.

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Par for the course. After all, he and BART management took a VACATION during the cooling off period.


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