Asiana Airlines: Last Patient Released From Hospital After Plane Crash This Summer

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Yesterday was a noteworthy day for the passengers on the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed earlier this summer: the last patient treated for injuries was released from the hospital and is reportedly in "good condition."

Rachael Kagan, spokeswoman for San Francisco General Hospital, released the news today, saying the female patient was transferred to a Bay Area rehabilitation facility after spending a long 109 days in the trauma center.

The unidentified patient arrived in critical condition on Saturday, July 6, with complex, life-threatening injuries. She suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis, road burns over 30 percent of her body, and severe intestinal injuries that prevented her from taking down solid food for two months, Kagan said. During her 15-week hospital stay, she had 30 surgeries, including neurosurgical, multiple abdominal procedures, extensive wound care and skin grafting and other procedures to repair her injuries.

"She's one of the sickest patients I've ever cared for in my career," said Dr. Margaret Knudson, Chief of Surgery, who performed 21 of the surgeries. "Our whole team breathed a big sigh of relief when she left -- not that we're glad that she's gone of course, but we're glad that she made it."

The patient, whose family has asked that her name and new location not be released, was among the first wave of patients who arrived at the hospital after the jetliner crashed at San Francisco International Airport. Two people, Ye Meng Yuan and Wang Linjia, both teens traveling from China, died in the accident.

In all, SFGH treated 67 patients who were injured as a result of the crash, including 36 adults and 31 children.

"She was smiling when she left. It was a beautiful sight," Knudson said.

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