Anti-Semitic Elmo Gets Arrested in New York

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Ian S. Port
It's been a good six months or so since we've had any sightings of San Francisco's infamously creepy Elmo known for his potty mouth and racist public rants -- and we're probably not going to see much of him anytime soon.

According to the Village Voice
, Dan Sandler, better known as the anti-Semitic Elmo (he also calls himself Adam Sandler), was arrested and sentenced to one year in jail this week after attempting to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts of America as well as stalking a member of the organization's staff.

According to the newspaper, "Elmo" began sending threatening e-mails and photos to an unnamed employee of the Girl Scouts of America while trying to extort the organization. Apparently, he knew the Scouts well; he worked at the organization in New York a few years back after he was deported from Cambodia in 1999 for running a website called "Rape Camp." Rape Camp is exactly what it sounds like: an interactive live bondage sex show that would "humiliate these Asian sex slaves to your hearts content."

It wasn't until after he lost his job at the Girl Scouts that Sandler decided to go out on his own. His new gig included dressing up as Elmo and verbally harassing bystanders at parks and public spaces. He then went bicoastal and brought his one-man show to San Francisco, where he reportedly scared the shit out of kids and parents one day at a playground as he spewed racist remarks during a profanity-laced anti-Semitic rant. At that time, the cops admonished him, but couldn't arrest him just for being creepy.

Despite the fact that Elmo liked San Francisco because "people are friendlier," he ended up back in Manhattan where he continued to annoy, distress, and give bystanders the heebie jeebies up until his Girl Scout arrest.

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