Adopt This Wheelchair-Bound Dog


If you've been struggling to turn over a new leaf and be someone other than your usual self-indulgent prick self, it's clear there's only one way out: adopt this adorable dog in a wheelchair.

Meet Latte, a 4-year-old toy fox terrier mix whose special needs make her all that much more off-the-charts cute. According to the Animal Care & Control, her back legs are paralyzed, but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying life with the help of her high-tech wheelchair."

"Latte's adopter needs to understand the special needs of this dog. Latte will require extra care with keeping clean, preventing pressure sores, etc., and she will need to go to the vet for checkup at least twice a year," ACC noted on its website.

Note: Latte's adoption fee will cover her wheelchair, too.

If you're not up for that kind of responsibility, but you're still looking to be a better person, then hit up the Bay Area Pet Fair and Adoptathon this weekend where you can choose among 1,000 homeless animals, including dogs, kittens, rabbits, pigs, rats, roosters, and birds.

For every pet adopted, $50 will be donated to an adoption group, and each new pet owner will get a $25 Pet Food Express gift card. The goal is for 600 pets to find a home this weekend, preferably your home.

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Latte has been adopted. Thank God. I used to see and talk to her owner almost everyday and we'd walk our dogs together. Latte loves my Jack Russell. Then I didn't see Latte for months and just today was told her owner died and Latte had an accident and was paralyzed, and probably put down. I was heartbroken to hear such a sweet dog was gone. I looked on the SPCA adoption list and saw she was still alive and adopted. Whoever adopted Latte, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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