When Kopps Attack: Politico Pens Spectacularly Withering Letter

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Registered San Francisco voters may have noticed an inundation of materials regarding the proposed 8 Washington waterfront condo tower piling up in their mailboxes and atop their "I'll get to this later" mail tables.

At this point, this barrage of mailers could be repurposed into building material for any number of residential towers. If you've bothered to read over the glossy flyers at all, you may have noticed former San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission Executive Director Will Travis stumping for the luxury condo development.

Quentin Kopp certainly did.

The former supervisor, state senator,  judge, and famously articulate curmudgeon penned a letter to Travis earlier this week. It wasn't very supportive:

 Dear Mr. Travis,
I do not believe we have ever met. I have known your name and status as Executive Director of the Bay Conservation and Development Commission for several years. I served on that Commission from 1972 until 1978 as a San Francisco Board of Supervisor Representative.
I am astonished by your poor judgment (or worse) in using your name and position in support of a waterfront development project commonly known as 8 Washington Street, which effectually begins the reversal of the post-Loma Prieta Earthquake demolition of the annoying Embarcadero Freeway.
I gather there's no law which prevents you from doing so with the pretentious disclaimer in several advertisements sent to my wife and me, but it is tasteless and insulting to taxpayers who conferred salary and other financial benefits upon you for decades.
In your honor, we've contributed further funds to the committee known as "No Wall on the Northeast Waterfront."
Yours truly,
Quentin L. Kopp
Judge of the Superior Court (Ret.)

A message for Travis has not yet been returned.

Update, Nov. 1: Will Travis returned our message. He had not yet received Kopp's missive, so we read it to him. His response:

"For Kopp, that's pretty mild."

He continues: "Well, first off, it's important for both sides on this issue to understand this isn't a waterfront project. It's inland of the Embarcadero. It's outside of BCDC's jurisdiction. ... I support the project because it's good city planning, good urban design and it represents a very rigorous government review."

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"Inland of the Embarcadero"? As in, across the street kind-of-inland? Interesting take on the word inland. Not much "land" do I think a mere street encompasses.

"Good city planning/rigorous government review"....don't those two go hand in hand? Anyway, the government should represent the people. And in this town, it is the middle class that needs housing, can't find housing, and can't afford to live here. I know the other side will tell me 11 million in allocated project funds will help solve that problem...but 11 million doesn't translate into much housing or anything that will be built anytime soon. And it's a pittance of the profit Mr Snelgrove will make on these 5 million dollar condos.

I say, good city planning takes into account the needs of the people, and doesn't permanently block views of Coit Tower from the Ferry Building. So let's not ignore the elephant in the room: Make housing middle-class friendly, please. The uber rich are doing alright as it is.

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