11 Things More Annoying Than a BART Strike

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This rice product is super annoying
Yes, the BART trains are rolling today, and, yes, there's still a good chance that BART won't be available to you tomorrow or the next day, or the next ...

But, according to you, there are worse things in San Francisco than a massive transit walkout -- and you should know after experiencing a four-day BART strike in July. We asked our Facebook fans to tell us what they think is far more annoying than BART workers walking off the job and screwing us with no ride to work. Here's some of the things they came up with:

1. Rice-a-Roni commercials.

2. That Bart doesn't run til 2 a.m.!!

3. Double parking, parking tickets, trying to park in San Francisco.

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Shelley Mack
Shelley Mack

I hate BART. When it is running there are so few trains I have to stand 45-60 minutes each way. They're paid higher than most folks make in the bay area and striking for more. SO not feeling them.

Ryan D. K. Brady
Ryan D. K. Brady

people complaining about the bart strike instead of supporting their fellow laborers

njudah topcommenter

Ed Lee sucks!

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