Woman Will Wear Panties for Up to 72 Hours Max, Then Sell Them to You on Craigslist

An idea for future business management majors
Every now and again we like to tap into the business community and talk to entrepreneurs to find out how the hell they're making ends meet when we know things in California aren't going to get any cheaper.

Skimming through Craigslist, we came across this SoCal woman (well, she tells us she is a woman) who has cornered a new and thriving market in California: She'll wear her panties for a few days, then sell them to willing buyers who will then do God knows what with them.

Here's her most recent ad targeting San Francisco's lovers of worn panties.


Curious about how this online lingerie business operates, we reached out to the 18-year-old woman, who agreed to chat with us about her business, anonymously via e-mail. We've copy and pasted her responses verbatim.

SFW: Tell me about this worn panty-selling business you have. What is the name of the business? How long do you wear the panties before they're considered "worn"?

Panty Woman: The business doesn't have a name. I will wear the panties for 1-3 day depending on what the person wants, but no longer than three days due to sanitary reasons. I will then ship them to the person providing they have made the payment to my paypal account.

SFW: Why on Earth do you do it?

PW: I only do It for the extra money.

SFW: What made you realize there was a market for this? When did you start this business?

PW: I began selling panties this year around March. I was browsing online and came across other women selling panties.

SFW: How much money do you make from this business?

PW: I've made a decent amount of money from the business, between $40 and $60 a pair.

SFW: Who buys worn panties and why?

PW: I would say mostly men buy panties, some have bought them not worn for them to wear. Others buy them for their fetish's [sic].

SFW: What kind of panties (brand, color, size, etc) are requested by clients and from what region do you get the most requests?

PW: Victoria's Secret is the most common in any size between extra small and medium. Usually thongs and most people don't care about color. People usually want thongs because I've had them say they like thongs because they are close to the butt hole and vagina. My biggest customer is in California.

SFW: Has a customer ever been dissatisfied? Asked for his or her money back? If so what was their complaint?

PW: I have never had anyone be dissatisfied with my panties although one man complained because I didn't send a picture wearing them. Which I never said I would do.

SFW: What do you enjoy most about being in this business?

PW: I mostly enjoy the money. Lol.

SFW: Do you ever worry about the competition out there?

PW: I don't worry about competition because I don't do this for a living.

SFW: If it's a side business, what do you do for a living?

PW: I am a full time college student, and I'm not working. I'm going to college to be a Humane Officer, bit [sic] majoring in Administration Of Justice.

SFW: What are your other hobbies and interests when you aren't wearing panties?

PW: Well I always wear panties. Hehe. But I enjoy running, hanging out with friends, fishing, swimming.

SFW: On your days off, what kind of panties do you like to wear for yourself, not the customer?

PW: I like to wear mostly thongs and g-strings on occasion full butt panties too.

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Howard Epstein
Howard Epstein

I have several pair of boxer shorts use for only 72 hours for sale. Only $150/pair. First come, first serve.


How empowering for her.  Some sort of feminist victory I'm certain.  Beats working.

Carmen Conde-Raine
Carmen Conde-Raine

well, I thought i'd give it a go and posted what I thought was quite a cute ad on Craigslist in Vancouver. The ad was pulled within 15min, but not before several extremely abusive responses. Grow up Vancouver.

Cristina Bernardini
Cristina Bernardini

Colors Magazine had an article about this back in 2000. This has been going on in Asia for a long time now. She (and the other girls she talked to) did not just come up with this "business" idea.

Ed Ruppenstein
Ed Ruppenstein

this could be some fat old dude wearing these around and selling them.

Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson

No but someone sure tried to steal mine!

Teresa Secundus
Teresa Secundus

I feel bad for the lonely souls that feel the urge to buy something like this and that someone is profiting from said loneliness...

Wesley Chang
Wesley Chang

Something doesn't add up. She sells them for $40 a pair or 3/$100, but says she makes $40-$60 a pair?

Red Durkin
Red Durkin

I have no idea what it's like to live in a world where this is a novel concept.

Susie Noonan
Susie Noonan

They have vending machines for that in Japan. Only it's school girls wearing them.

JP Mason
JP Mason

Jesus H Christ. How perverted can a guy be to buy used panties. Holy Shit.


@Darlene Bouchard  

Hi Darlene, could you please contact me regarding this worn panty topic?


dizzzz topcommenter

I totally agree.  My wife lets me have hers for free

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