Willie Brown Bridge Greenlit by Senate Committee

Willie's got this one. Who gets next bridge?
As anticipated, a state Senate committee has voted to name the western span of the Bay Bridge after Willie Brown -- the man whose policies and practices spurred many San Franciscans of moderate means to depart via said bridge and never return.

Following a recess of some nine hours between the measure's introduction and the commencement of voting, the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee opted 8-1 (with State Senator Ted Gaines casting the sole dissenting vote) in favor of christening the span after San Francisco's erstwhile mayor and current Man Behind the Curtain.

(The marathon delay came about, say Senate personnel, because the committee members were forced to attend the general Senate floor session at 10 a.m. Following that meeting, the committee reconvened late in the evening).

That tally comes on the heels of a 68-0 vote in the Assembly; a 16-0 vote in the Assembly Appropriations Committee; and a 12-1 tally in the Assembly Transportation Committee (that prior "no": Bonnie Lowenthal. Remember that one; it may serve you well during bar trivia).

Bay Bridge Collapse.jpg
Still in need of a name...
Opposition to Brown's beatification has thus far been limited to newspaper editorials, letters from current and former San Francisco politicians, and devotees of Emperor Norton (including the Clampers).

Nice arguments, fellas. You lose.

Following today's vote, SF Weekly is told, ACR-65 still needs approval by the Senate Appropriations Committee and full Senate.

The old adage states that, in a democracy, the people invariably get the government they deserve. Willie Brown is symptomatic of that.

He helped transform this city as mayor and, currently, wields arguably even more power -- with none of the pesky accountability.

The Willie L. Brown, Jr. Bridge may not be a name San Franciscans desire. But it is the one we deserve.

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Terrible idea. Why not name it the Ultimate Sleaze Bridge ? Same thing.

aliasetc topcommenter

It will forever be known as "THE N WORD BRIDGE".


Seeing as how the bridge was billions over budget, compromised by serious quality issues, and built by questionable chinese firms, naming after Willie is kind of appropriate.

But if the bridge is named after Willie then the island fomerly known as Yerba Buena, should be re-christened "Kamala Harris Island"

mrericsir topcommenter

When can we start recalling these idiots?

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