United States of Shame: Map Illustrates Each State's Biggest Failures

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Los Angeles on a pretty day
You can stop boasting to your family down in the south about how much better you have it on the Pacific side. According to this somewhat scientific map, the West Coast isn't without its glaring flaws, which include air pollution, chronic homelessness, and yes, bestiality.

Appropriately dubbed the United States of Shame, researchers used Census data (some from 2011), U.S. Health rankings, and some snark to craft this colorful map that details just how screwed up we all are.

Keeping it local, California is absolutely the worst when it comes to air pollution (you can thank your buddies down in Los Angeles for that one) where there's 15.2 micrograms per cubic meter -- whatever that means. So we're pretty filthy, but at least we're not screwing our livestock (Washington) or incapable of passing the sixth grade (Maine).

And it's official: California no longer has the worst drivers -- that'd be Massachusetts. So shut up about our driving already.

In any event, have a quick scan of this map and see which state you'd fit in most (New Mexico for us). If anything, it'll certainly make for interesting conversation at the next family reunion.

Everyone sucks!

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Yawn. Who cares ? LA has had the worst pollution since the 1940s. This is a 'news' story ?


This is from 2011.  Maryland has no aids. Extinct.


Identity theft? Come on Florida stop fibbing, i think you have a few worse things.....:P

Joseph Waggoner
Joseph Waggoner

Seriously? "You can thank your buddies down in Los Angeles for that one". Grow up S.F. Weekly writers.

Rudy Hernandez
Rudy Hernandez

"Ohio: nerdiest state claim based on highest number of library visits per capita (6.9)" Worst measure of nerdiness ever

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