Twerking Contest Tonight: Shake Your Stuff and Win Big Cash

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Just in case you are a little short on rent, and mom and dad are done with you for real this time, here's a last-minute chance for you to earn some quick cash before the month is up.

An amused resident came across this flyer for a legit twerking contest tonight at 1015 Folsom, and we normally wouldn't care except that we know it's hard to make ends meet out there and the winner of this shake fest will score $250.

Amy Yarbrough

According to the club's Facebook Page:

Isn't it kind of disappointing that Jimmy Kimmel fooled us all with that Twerk video shit? I think it's because we want to watch people, on fire, shake their ass. Well on Friday, 9/20/13 at 1015 Folsom you might get to experience the next best thing. Kool Keith, the godfather of sex rap is joined by TWRK, the biggest and most talented booty bass production team in the world.... on their first tour. 1015 and Trap City worked hard to bring you a lineup that's diverse, so the heads that would rather groove to a different beat can catch superstar UK garage stars MOSCA + T.WILLIAMS in the hosted Soundpieces room. But wait, there's more! Lightyear, nu-disco and house prodigy, returns to San Francisco with the Lights Down Low Djs Richie Panic and Sleazemore. Lastly, Kool Keith will judge an outrageous on stage twerking competition for a large cash prize. Expect nothing but a crazy, wild time at the club on Friday September 20th!

You better hope San Francisco's twerking trio doesn't show you up tonight.

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Look at how appalled most people are. What happened to the African-American dignity. Sheesh.

mailorders topcommenter

Even this is a relief from Psy and that Gangnam junk.

Trina Perry
Trina Perry

Why do folks think the things they do about African American women? Gee, I don’t know.

Meg Rahner
Meg Rahner

Nathalie Rahner get your twerkin booty to SF immediately!

Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby

Those guys walking through all the BART cars must be looking for these contests.

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