Another Teeny Tiny Tree House Door Is in Golden Gate Park. Can You Find It?

Tony Powell via
Teeny Tiny Tree House Door is moved, thanks to eminent domain
Earlier this year San Francisco kids and bloggers were sore with the city after staff from the Rec and Parks Department rudely removed the charming teeny tiny tree house door in Golden Gate Park that had become the city's newest and cutest tourist trap.

The city claimed the small hinges holding the door were bad for the tree -- and thus the red tape bullshit began. But now, five months later, the creators of this remarkable San Francisco fantasy have built a new teeny tiny tree house door, one that miraculously meets the city's standards.

Tony Powell and his son, Rio, informed the Richmond Blog about the new door, which they are calling the "Faery Sanctuary."

"This new one is more in compliance with the Rec & Parks code (not attached to a living tree). They also wanted it to be a little more removed from the center of things," Tony tells the blog.

After the city showed the duo exactly where they could place the door, Tony, who works at a Richmond company that makes wood sealant for boats, and Rio crafted the new door just as the original, coating it in marine-grade varnish with a teeny tiny knob

But to keep this mystery alive, Rio and his dad are remaining tight-lipped about where this new pee-wee pad is located.

Good luck finding it.

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I can get kinda vague with my use of pronouns.  What I'd meant to tell the Richmond Blog is that the Faeries (not Rec & Parks) showed Rio and I the location of where the new Faery Door was to be.  And then according to our (Rec & Parks and mine) agreement, I have to run our designs past them (Rec & Parks).  I (Tony Powell) am frustrated by the insufficient inflection in our (all of us who speak English) pronouns.   

Rock Belt
Rock Belt

Better choice on a non living specimen.

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