Teeny Tiny Tree House in Golden Gate Park Is for Rent, According to This Craigslist Ad

Tony Powell via Richmondsfblog.com
For Rent! Se Renta
It appears whoever was living in the teeny tiny tree house located in Golden Gate Park has packed up and split -- probably for cheaper digs in Oakland.

So if you're in the market for something different and more removed from urban life, the teeny tiny tree house is officially up for rent. According to this Craigslist ad, the 1-square foot studio apartment is a true rarity -- for only $2,350 a month, you can enjoy the quiet nature of San Francisco. Even better, you'll be able to walk out your front door and see unique wildlife and chill with the local drunks and hippies.

Here's the full ad:

via Craigslist

Seems like a pretty sweet deal. Of course, there's no telling what sort of shape that place is in after the teeny tiny hoarder lived there. It might need a good clean up and paint job.

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There was a line of elves and gnomes with their credit reports at 7:30 am.

Cynthia McGarvie
Cynthia McGarvie

Is this the SF version of the Brooklyn Bridge being for sale?

JIm Mourgos
JIm Mourgos

I know the man and his son who do this. Creative.

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