Severed Foot Found at Ocean Beach

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Last seen at Ocean Beach
If you're still eating breakfast right now, do yourself a favor and stop. A running shoe with a severed human foot inside washed up on Ocean Beach Sunday morning, and police are now trying to figure out who the foot -- and the shoe -- belong to.

CBS News says the National Park Service beach patrol stumbled upon the foot which was inside a green-and-black Puma sneaker, size 11.5.

Police found no sign of the rest of the body, and they have no idea whose foot it is. What's more, they don't know yet what happened to the person, but say whatever it was, it wasn't a recent event.

Investigators from the Medical Examiner's Office told the news station that the foot and some "associated tissue" in the shoe had probably been "rolling around the seabed for a while."

There was no more information about the foot at this time.

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Kevin Kirby
Kevin Kirby

Those have been identified before, further north, as the remains of the Japan tsunami. What they also herald is the arrival of radiation from the meltdown there.

Lisa Quail
Lisa Quail

Gross! This just ruined my appetite for the day.

Renée Collins
Renée Collins

That foot belongs in Vancouver, BC. This is a news story from 2008, 2011. They have had more washing up on their shores. Last I heard they had not found the source.

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