Semi-Naked, Knife-Wielding, Rock-Throwing Dude Arrested After 10 Hours on Building

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Incidentally, it was a perfect day to not wear a shirt
After 10 hours of holding up traffic, and displaying both a knife and his nipples, the rock-tossing man who had climbed on the ledge of a downtown building was arrested early this morning.

According to police, sometime after 3 p.m. yesterday, the 25-year-old man climbed up on the ledge of a building on the 100 block Drumm Street, between the Hyatt and Embarcadero Center 4, and was threatening to jump, said Officer Gordon Shyy.

Police had to tape off the area while attempting to talk the man down from the ledge.

Rather than listen to reason, the man tossed pieces of concrete and bricks at the cops and ended up damaging a large window to the building.

Finally, at about 1 a.m., the cops were able to cajole the man down to the ground where he was arrested and taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Once he's cleared, he will be arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, trespassing, and delaying an officer, according to police.

Shyy says the unidentified suspect is the same shirtless man who three days ago held up traffic when he climbed a lightpole on Drumm Street and removed his pants, holding up traffic and creating drama in downtown.

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Bonnie Blake
Bonnie Blake

Why wasn't he arrested when he committed the first infraction? Do we really have to wait until he seriously injures someone?

Luke David Nasaw
Luke David Nasaw

How the hell did he get out after the first incident? You shut down a street in the FIDI for being crazy and they just let you out to do it again?


What in heavens name is wrong with our society??  Just yesterday a man suffering with a mental break-down shot and killed 12 and injured dozens more.  When are we going to wake-up and realize that 'we are our brother's keeper'.  Everyone needs help sometimes and when we're better we have an obligation to pass it on to the next person in need. That's how a civil society operates.

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