Occupy SF Camps Outside City Hall, Calls Mayor Ed Lee an "Asshat"

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Unscripted public comment period
Occupy SF has resurfaced, this time camping out at City Hall where they're reportedly giving Mayor Ed Lee a really hard time.

The Ex reports this morning that a group of people claiming to represent the Occupy San Francisco movement have chosen City Hall so they can easily send Mayor Lee messages for his alleged dismissiveness of the local homeless.

So yesterday afternoon, they set up shop outside the City Hall's main entrance and using colorful chalk they penned equally colorful messages on the sidewalk. To put it bluntly and accurately, they reportedly referred to the mayor as an "asshat," a "dick," and a "douche."

The unscheduled public comment period didn't last long, since a city custodian busted out his garden hose and washed away the unflattering talk of the mayor. Sheriff's deputies and later San Francisco police stood outside, keeping an eye on the civic scene.

So what was their point you ask? The group tells the Examiner that they were riffing off a similar scene in Berkeley where protesters were staging an Occupy-style demonstration over the closure of a U.S. Post Office branch. They said they plan to remain in Civic Center Plaza for at least two weeks.

Nick Anthony Shaw, a protester on the scene, an Army veteran and a well-known participant of the initial OccupySF in 2011, said all they want is attention, specifically, the mayor's attention.

"Can you help the people that you're supposed to be in charge of? Can you do something for somebody that is not rich?," Shaw says, talking to the mayor who wasn't there. "You threw these lavish parties for all these rich people but you don't do anything for the poor in The City. You just want to ship them to Oakland. It's bad enough you gentrified all of the neighborhoods."

In any event, you can get a sense of what you missed from the Examiner's full slideshow of the event.

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Army Veteran Nick Shaw's statements are all true, Mayor Lee favors the rich in every situation.  And, the pitiful and callous action taken by a minion of Mayor Lee's, speaks for itself.


Nick Shaw is a douche. He lied about his service and never saw combat. He lost jobs to alcohol and is an abuser of women. He has a long criminal record dating back to his time in Ohio. Ohio is glad he left the state.

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