Boozing Dude Further Illustrates How Malt Liquor and Muni Are a Horrible Mix (Part 2)

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We know what you're thinking: "Not this guy again?"
Last week, we showed you a short, and not-so-sweet video of this boozing bus passenger who decided to get piss drunk off malt liquor and unleash himself on Muni riders.

In that video you probably noted that 1. he drinks Mickey's; and 2. he doesn't mince words. What you didn't see is that he likes to sing, even if he's not very good at it.

Don't worry, there's a part 2 of this nonsense ready to be viewed by bored office workers trolling the Internet right now (that's you).

Here ya go:

The good news is there is no part 3.

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Jeez, Samuel L. Jackson has really let himself go.

abledart topcommenter

I don't understand. Mickey's comes in cans now?

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