Mt. Diablo Fire 45 Percent Contained, Here Are Some Cool Images

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The devil is burning
Word on the mountain is that the blaze on Mt. Diablo officially stopped growing overnight, and firefighters now have the fire 45 percent contained. That's not to say we're out of the woods just yet.

Residents in the nearby community of Clayton continued evacuating and cities left air quality advisories in place as fire crews prepare for Day 3 of battling the 3,243-acre wildfire. The winds haven't necessarily cooperated, but firefighters managed to keep the flames from jumping line.


Cal Fire brought in a massive DC-10 that dropped thousands of gallons of retardant on the most intense flames. "We pretty much kept it in the box," Cal Fire engineer Casey Urrutia told KTVU. "Air support helped box it in."

Naturally, the fire has made for some great photo opps. Here's a decent time-lapse video taken from still photographs from a weather camera:

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Jan Blum
Jan Blum

Attn Snitch: as a suggestion it just seems to me that to describe pictures of any disaster as" cool" seems to be a very bad choice...


This is an amazing photo of a very scary fire.

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