More Teeny Tiny Tree Houses Popping Up in San Francisco

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Nice two bedrooms inside
Turns out, Golden Gate Park isn't the only desirable place to live if you're a teeny tiny someone. Bernal Heights has become the latest hot-spot for the new fairy houses that have been springing up in San Francisco this year.

As Bernalwood notes, the neighborhood has spotted a few teeny tiny tree houses of their own in recent days. They're as small as the tree houses found in Golden Gate Park, although, we noticed the architecture takes on a more quirky bohemian appearance, reflective of the human-sized houses you find in Bernal Heights.

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A Bernal Heights neighbor spotted the new subdivision nestled under a tree. Here's what he had to say:

This morning, I spotted a nice house for a fairy family and maybe an elder fairy parent on Bernal Hill next the road that goes to the antenna complex.

If you look closely one can see the orange fairy dust at the entrances of the two of three houses, which of course means that the units are currently occupied. But if one calls Fairy House Realty, I think they could arrange a showing.

It seems this fairy family is taking advantage of the soaring real estate values in Bernal, and I say: Good for them!

If that's not your style, there's always this San Francisco cottage up for rent, that is if you can find it:

Tony Powell via
A cozy one bedroom

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If you build it Fay will come. Fair housing for Fair Folk!

Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker

Too bad the techies will rent these for $2600 a month.

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