Manuel Gallegos: Police Trying to Determine if Unconscious Man Was Victim of a Crime

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San Francisco General Hospital
Manuel Gallegos
Manuel Gallegos was found in the early hours Saturday morning unconscious with head wounds in Union Square. He had no wallet, no identification, and only a house key on him.

He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital in critical condition, but nobody knew who he was. Gallegos was listed as "John Doe" while hospital staff put the word out to the media, hoping someone would help identify him. On Sunday night, a relative positively identified the 43-year-old Fremont man. He died Monday afternoon from his head injuries.

But what is still very much a mystery is what happened to Gallegos. San Francisco police are investigating the incident, and have not ruled it out as a possible crime. Initially, the hospital staff said his injuries suggest that he may have fell.

"We don't have anything -- this guy was found and transported to the hospital," said Officer Albie Esparza. "We don't know if it was just a fall or if he was a victim of a crime.

"It's being investigated until it's determined that it's not a crime," Esparza added.

The San Francisco Medical Examiner is conducting an autopsy which should give police some clues about what might have happened to Gallegos. Until then, the cops are hoping that since Gallegos was found in the pedestrian-heavy Union Square area, that somebody saw something.

"What's interesting is it was Union Square, which, even at night, people are walking around -- there are people around and there are hotels around," Esparza told us. "So we are hoping someone saw something, or maybe because it's Union Square there are surveillance cameras nearby."

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact SFPD at 575-4444 or text-a-tip at Tip411 with "SFPD" at beginning of the message.

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The fact that he was likely stolen his wallet and cell phone does not mean that it was a crime.  He could have been on the floor unconscious and someone stole his stuff.  It could have been a crime too, at this time all we know is that his stuff was stolen but we do not not know if this happened before, during or after his head was hit.  

Manuel was the funnest person I ever met.  I did not meet him at work, I met him at a bar in Palo Alto and we became friends over 10 years ago.  He would go out and walk around the city before driving back, that's why I would not be surprised it he was robbed and beaten to death.  

It does look like the newspapers want to make people believe that he simply "fell".  I am not surprised, San Francisco is a tourist city and showing that the city is not as safe as people think will not help get more tourists.

Goodbye Manuel, you brought so much joy to my life - it hurts to see you leaving.  I'll aways remember you.

Cynthia McGarvie
Cynthia McGarvie

My gut reaction is that he was mugged and killed when he tried to fight back. I live nowhere near SF now, but that's my feeling.

Jean Carroll
Jean Carroll

So sad he passed. May he RIP. And may anyone responsible get the justice they deserve!

Rebecca Hinckley
Rebecca Hinckley

So sorry to read he passed. I hope the someone comes forward with some information. RIP

Eugenia WhoDat Polos
Eugenia WhoDat Polos

of course, he was the victim of a crime. that is why he only had a key on him...RIP manuel gallegos...

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