Lusty Lady Night Gives San Francisco's Erotica Fans Something to Do Tonight

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Library Vixen via Center for Sex and Culture
Beats having dinner with mom and dad
Seeing that you really can't cut a peeper off cold turkey, the Center for Sex and Culture has decided to bring us Lusty Lady Night -- a new series of sex-related events, including peep shows, spoken word, and God knows what else they have hiding behind the curtain.

And guess what? It starts tonight, which means you can ditch Bible study and head down to the sex center to pick up wherever you left off the last time you visited the Lusty Lady before it closed its doors earlier this month.

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From the Center for Sex and Culture:

The first of many Lusty Lady tribute events! We'll begin with a wake for our dear departed Double L, followed by Carol Queen (Lusty Lady class of 1990) performing her solo spoken word piece about her year there. Peep Show (Members and Lusty Lady alumna FREE!) Thursday, September 12, wake 7:00, show 8pm. Long ago and far away, Carol was a Real Live Nude Girl at the Lusty Lady Theatre, and this is the story of how a mild-mannered sexology student learned more about sexuality in a 4x4 glass booth than she ever did in any class! The peep show is a secret confessional of erotic desire and Carol tells all, from the diverse desires of her customers to the wild-child co-workers who inspired and amused her. Non-members -- $15-30 sliding scale No charge for the wake! In future weeks we hope to feature more LL-related events. If you've ever worked there, get in touch!
So there you have it, another good excuse to blow off dinner at your parents.

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