Larry Ellison Flag-Bombed by Kiwi Ninjas (Video)

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Just one win short of spectacular yachting glory, New Zealanders are already thumbing their noses at San Francisco -- and, more pointedly, at self-anointed America's Cup kingpin Larry Ellison.

This morning they even desecrated Ellison's fabled "party house" in Pacific Heights -- we hope it's the same one that led to a snarly lawsuit when he accused neighbors of obstructing his view with their trees. And they documented the whole prank for public viewing.

Over a tense drum and bass soundtrack by the group Shapeshifter, three Kiwis dressed in spandex New Zealand flag suits dash up a block of tony mansions, lollipop trees, and well-manicured topiary. They stick 10 flags over what appears to be Ellison's massive garage doors, and then flee, just as a man emerges to tear the flags down. (He's presumed to be Larry Ellison Jr. in the video.)

Hours later, the Kiwis won another taut race by 15 seconds. High winds nixed the second race scheduled for today, which means that tomorrow could be the Oracle team's last chance to fend off its foreign rival.

Indeed, the flags seemed prescient. Here's the video:

Kiwi Ninjas Spread the Love from Andrew Somervell on Vimeo.

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