Karl the Fog Goes More Corporate

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Your official spokesfog...
Earlier this month we reported that the whimsical online persona of San Francisco's ever-present, low-hanging moisture, @KarlTheFog, cashed in.

The Twitter celebrity is now an official "weather adviser" for Virgin Airlines. As we put it before, "there's a distinction between enjoying twee tweets and having them marketed to your demographic. That's distinctly less whimsical."

Well, the demographic is expanding and the whimsy, assuming such things are inversely proportional, is decreasing. It was today announced that @KarlTheFog has accepted yet another corporate gig:  helming "the San Francisco Travel Association's Facebook page, posting his unique perspectives as the city's famous fog and other endearing attributes throughout the day."

Even native San Franciscans may come to think there is such a thing as too much fog.

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Mr. The Fog's new corporate paymasters* expressed giddiness with their recent hire; puns were involved:

"This is the first time we've invited someone to take over our Facebook page and we're excited to welcome one of San Francisco's newest and 'biggest' celebrities, Karl the Fog," said Joe D'Alessandro, president and CEO of the San Francisco Travel Association.  "Since the launch of our Local's Guide at www.sanfrancisco.travel, we've identified passionate locals and influencers and invited them to tell us what they love about the city. Karl the Fog is one such personality and he has grown quite a following over the past couple of years. He is our quick-witted San Francisco Fog and his community loves him. No doubt our community of 548,000-plus Facebook followers will too."

Beware, Karl. There is a fine line between buying in and selling out.

*Update, 2:20 p.m. Laurie Anderson, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Travel Association, has informed us that Karl the Fog's new post is " purely for fun. No payment, no payback." Our tongue-in-cheek use of the term "corporate paymasters" is therefore inaccurate; SFTA would, if anything, be Karl's non-paymasters.

Fair enough. Good luck to all involved. Have fun.

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haters gonna hate


Hey Joe, thanks for the write up! It's true, I am answering some questions and sharing some pictures for the SF Travel Association tomorrow. Similar to how I answered questions for Virgin last month, SF Weekly earlier this spring, and for Curbed last summer. None of which have ever employed me. If someone asks me to share my love for San Francisco, it's hard for me to refuse.

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