Karl the Fog Goes Corporate

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This appearance of Karl the Fog brought to you by...
The Twitter account @KarlTheFog -- a personification of San Francisco's omnipresent moisture -- struck a chord in this internet-savvy city, becoming a whimsical meme.

But there's a distinction between enjoying twee tweets and having them marketed to your demographic. That's distinctly less whimsical. And it remains to be seen how charming Karl's act will be now that "he" has loaned "his" imprimatur to a massive corporate entity.

That's right, Karl is now an official "weather adviser" for Virgin America. Messages for the airline -- and, God help us, Karl -- have not yet been returned, so we're unsure what the terms of the deal entail. The going rate for hiring on San Francisco's iconoclastic weather pattern (or, for that matter, its "cutest dog") remain foggy.

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In the meantime, Karl has been demonstrating "his" literary chops, penning a memoir for Medium.

Well, good for "him." And, no matter what, it will never be the worst article to appear on that site.

Update: Sean Harris, a Virgin America spokesman, offered written replies to several of your humble narrator's queries:

What are the terms of Karl's arrangement?

In his role, Mr. the Fog advises Virgin America on how he plans to affect our guests' travel and offer tips for how to make the most of their time in San Francisco. He's wanted to start writing more for a while now so he's really looking forward to contributing to Flyer Feed as a guest blogger.

Is Karl compensated? Can you tell me the amount and/or arrangement here?

At Virgin America, we're big fans of @Karlthefog and proud to have partnered with such a fascinating and recognizable figure. We feel that we our frequent flyers will really benefit from his knowledge of weather patterns and photogenic flair by providing up-to-date information during his visits to SFO to our frequent flyers through his Twitter and Instagram accounts.
["Yes" or "No" would have been both quicker and more informative -- JE]

Will you be hiring other forms of weather?

Social media embodiments of physical weather patterns are pretty unique so we don't have any plans to partner with other forms of weather currently. 

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