Neon SFO Video Attempts to Make You Forget How Absolutely Horrible Air Travel Is


Unless you were born before 1970, the notion that air travel was ever romantic is about as foreign as all those places you've never traveled to.

It's a stretch, but local filmmaker James O'Malley has released this neon time-lapse video of SFO, hoping that people will somehow change their perception and view their time spent at the airport as a lovely experience.

The 3-minute video gives us colorful snapshots of the hustle and bustle that occurs daily at SFO, including planes smoothly landing and smiling travelers prepping for takeoff. What it doesn't show is what actually happens at the airport: delayed flights, callous airlines, stolen luggage, and let's not forget those needle sandwiches made especially for Delta Airlines passengers.

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To which O'Malley says: "It's easy to complain when things don't go to plan at the airport, but I think many people miss the grace and artistry in moving planes, people and cargo around the world. So as [a] filmmaker, I wanted to shift the audience's perspective from seeing SFO as just somewhere to depart and arrive and to see it the way I do: as beautiful and endlessly fascinating."

When he's not making cool videos, O'Malley, who has been an avid plane spotter since he was a kiddo, and has kept a log of all of the aircraft he has flown on around the world, spends his free time watching planes taxi, take-off, and land at SFO.

Snitch readers might recall O'Malley's last transportation video project where he created a neon ride through San Francisco on the N-Judah. Also a very cool short film:

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mrericsir topcommenter

Air travel isn't *that* bad. The reason SFO sucks can be summed up in two words: United Airlines.

Jan Simone
Jan Simone

Cool. :) It does give the airport a romantic, nostalgic kind of feel. In RL we all know it's different of course L O L!

Zach Middleton
Zach Middleton

The airport still looks like a nightmare in that video. No neon or jazz can fix that.

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