Do Gay Couples Prefer Seattle to San Francisco?

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Welcome to the gayborhood!
Perhaps incessant rain is a better backdrop for long-term romance. More likely, though, it's cheaper rents that help keep a family together. Whatever the reason, gay couples are loving Seattle.

The Seattle Times is claiming that gays are flocking to the Emerald City with such frequency that the city "now has the highest percentage of gay-couple households among America's large cities."

The newspaper based its conclusion on recently released stats from the Census Bureau which show that in 2012, 2.6 percent of Seattle households were gay couples -- the highest percentage among the 50 most populous cities in the United States, according to the Times.

That's a really large cock-shaped cookie for San Francisco gays to swallow, considering the city has held the top spot since the Census Bureau began counting same-sex couples in 2000. Now the City by the Bay will have to deal with being second best since only 2.5 percent of all San Francisco households are gay couples.

To put this into context, in 2011, San Francisco had 2.4 percent gay-couple households while Seattle had 1.7 percent. That all changed in the last two years, and you can blame on the lesbians.

While San Francisco still has more gay male couples than Seattle, that's not the case for gay women. Seattle is now the no. 1 city for lesbian couples to comfortably nest.

So there you have it: dumped for Seattle. Fine. Go. That just means more cock-shaped cookies for us.

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Seattle: cheaper to live (but still with a high median income), still neighborhoods that aren't outlandishly expensive (and gasp even with single family homes and yards [not to mention all the outlying places that are also not yet outlandishly expensive]), you can have and even park a car but also have access to pretty good transit (and the place is small enough [unlike say LA] that you can also bike and walk too), as much to do and eat and see as SF. And working place people can afford to live there and own homes (imagine that!).

SF failed to aggressively build up decades ago and now it's paying the price. If you're going to be as pricey as NY shouldn't you be as big and as interesting? Increasingly, the place just seems left with the rich and the underemployed people who serve them.


Of course they do. Seattle is a far better city than SF in many ways.  It's liberal, of course, but in a more classic sense.  It's really a live and let live kind of place. Some might say more libertarian. 

In Seattle they have ALL of their rights, including the right to bear arms.

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